Sunday, July 28, 2013


hari ni. after 3 years of usage, my external harddisk finally become undetected and not responsive.

the outcome; i lost all my data, videos i collected since school days; JPOP, KPOP, Running Man, HIMYM, Dramas, my own video recorded with my sister and also other shit i had in the external is gone in the blink of the eyes. gone. every single thing.

well this remind me that nothing last forever, shit can be happening in split second.

well. it happen. and to be truth im still in denial state. so let me be in this state for a while. :|

hady (my external), thank you for all this time. and to future hady please give me some signal before rosak please T_____T

selamat 10 malam terakhir.


Anonymous said...

Pity..dun wori, ada lg memori yg tsimpan kekal slagi x nyanyok, very ultra soft memory punya bilik, your brain.

Cik Itah@Rama Rama Pendek said...

external sy pun da mula buat hal..huhu