Monday, August 19, 2013


too many things to say.

or to share.

but it feels like everything stuck in the throat. at the edge of my lung.

'diluah mati mak dipendam mati bapak' or vise versa. i dont even care.

happy post raya everyone. and have a blast attending the invitations for open house and weddings.

alhamdulillah. :)

by the way im currently watching I Hear Your Voice. lawyer related drama. stress yet great drama. pening kepala tengok.

well i once dreamt of being a lawyer while in grade 6 back then.

kelakar. haha. kbai

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Anonymous said...

Bahaye tu, klu disimpan anda jugak yg sesak nafas, ada 1 movie lama kisah bkaitan loyar, wlupun movie lama tp amat ssuai dtonton klu nk ilangkn stres dn tensen ala2 loyar tu, 'my cousin vinny'.