Sunday, July 21, 2013


hearing about some people i know passing away, makes me thinking whether people gonna just continue living as if nothing. its sad.

and im thinking what if my turn come over. waw. everyone just move on and im just there; lifeless. and will be sentence for everything i did now; every single bad one. andwae!

and every single person i know gonna get use living without my existance. and my partner or my life also gonna find new love of course. well.

i think its life.

people will change. eventually people will left. only left for the dead just the amal they did while they live.

good investment you did in dunya, gonna be have good outcome in akhirah. but bad thing to be as investment in dunya is too distracting. and its look so good.

i don't know when i'll stop being distracted. since my imaan is so little. and a continous being a sinful person.

death chase everyone. everywhere, anytime. no one can escape. Allah..


Anonymous said...

Dari Dia kita datang pada Dia jua kita kembali.. yg kecik yg besar yg kuat yg kaya yg cntik yg lawo yg pandai yg cerdik.. xde beza.

Anonymous said...

How come lagu yg indah(no surprise,radiohead) bole brlirik sbegitu?

shida said...

erk? kenapa dengan lagu radiohead? :O

Anonymous said...

Err.. tu lagu lulaby tp lirik dia psl ketakpuasatian dn kkecewaan dn kpenatan dlm kehidupan seharian, hehe.. slmt bpuasa dn slmt hari raya.