Monday, October 15, 2012

kemana aku dua minggu ni?


2. welcome to real world shida, where you have no friend and no experience handling those shit.

3. it suck so much when you dont have friend around.

4. i miss my friend. in the context which i meant is my real friend.

5. i really really hate meat burger. any of it.

6. my bro's convo really makes me excited about mine next month :D

7. ahhh i wish lot of people give me flower on my C day. yay! :D

8. UTM is sooo fucken spacious. like. seriously.

9. my workplace only filled with old folks and married guys. hahha.

10. be able to see him in front of my own two eyes is the best moment ever.

11. i hate working. but i like being paid. so ill stay.

12. well. ill finish what i start. bismillah. Allah will ease my day.

13. driving home-office back and forth everyday makes me tired day by day.

14. another two weeks to go. goodluck shida.

15. oh yaa. my SV is the most cool lecturer ever!

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