Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hello (again) LDR!


It's been two years we officially near to each other; as in term physically and mentally near. we studied in Shah Alam and went home at Pontian. really, we cant deny that those two years were a bliss.

sebelum tu, we already experiencing 2 years LDR (long distance relationship). that time aku belajar dekat perak and dia dekat Shah Alam. bila dah biasa jauh, susah juga nak sesuaikan diri dari jauh ke dekat. ye la. memang before aku start dekat perak we start off near to each other tapi screw that, zaman muda, bila ingat macam menyesal tak cherish betul betul waktu yang ada masa tu.

but now we have to rewind back just like 2 years ago. like we far from each other.  *craayy

Am I sad? Haha. I don't want to say out loud. One year just a blink of an eye. Just that long..perhaps.

Good luck Kadiaq. stay safe, stay healthy. may Allah bless every move you make, every road you take.

we Awesome. we can break through. hee. :)

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